Dual Meet Dates



We really hope that your swimmers will be able to attend all of the swim meets, however we know that is not always possible.  It is crucial that you follow the steps to sign your child out of a meet if you know he/she will not be able to swim.   We ask that you please carefully look at all of the swim dates above and determine whether there are any dates that your swimmer will have to miss.

We will be posting several Sign-Out sheets on the bulletin board at the club, next to the locker rooms.  If your child cannot attend a meet, please make certain that you sign your child out on the corresponding meet sheet.  This is mandatory because the coaches spend a great deal of time preparing line-ups for heats, relays, etc… We are counting on your swimmer and need to know in advance if he/she won’t be there.  That being said, please pay attention to the deadlines for signing out of meets as well.  If you have a last minute emergency and your child can’t attend a meet you will need to contact Coach Anne directly.



Mini Meet Dates

Finals Schedule