Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Woodside Athletic Club! Here are answers to a few commonly asked questions but if you have further questions, please feel free to ask our great staff! 

What Can I Expect On My First Visit?

Enter the club house through the main door and proceed to the smiling staff member at the front desk.  Be prepared to give them your member number.  If you have not had your picture taken, the Woodside staff member will take pictures of your family members.  This is entered into our computerized system for the staff to use in identifying members during subsequent visits. Each time you enter the club and check in, the staff will review your pictures on the computer.  If you bring a guest, they will collect contact information on them to be used in the event of an emergency. 

What next?

After checking in, turn right and walk through the sliding glass doors to our upper deck picnic area and go down the stairs to our lower picnic area and the pool deck.  Find yourself a comfortable lounge chair and relax.  Hint: To open the pool gates, pull up on the knob on top of the gate, then pull.  Remember...only water on the deck and please, for the safety of all, NO GLASS ANYWHERE ON CLUB GROUNDS.  All food must be consumed off the pool deck and in designated areas.

Where are the locker rooms?

You can enter both locker rooms from the pool deck or club house. Both locker rooms are located in the center of the building.  For those desiring more privacy, we have a single unisex bathroom/changing room/shower immediately to your left as you enter the lower level of the building at the bottom of the stairs.    

Are swim diapers allowed?

For the safety of all, we do not allow training pants or swim diapers in the big pool. We have a small pool for the little ones that are not potty trained. An accident can close the pool for hours, maybe the day, which is not a friendly way to introduce yourself to the other members. We thank you in advance for following this rule.

Where can we eat?

We have a number of large tables under the pavilion.  Pick a table and set up your stuff.   During busy days, it's common for multiple families to share a table, and a great way to get to know other members.  We also have a tables and chairs located on the upper deck.  

May we use the grill?

We have several gas grills under the pavilion and on the upper deck that are for the use by the adult members.   So load up that cooler, meet new friends and show your group your cooking skills.   If you don’t want to grill, feel free to bring in your pizza or other goodies (NO GLASS, PLEASE).  The office staff can provide you with their favorite places that deliver to Woodside and may even have a menu.

Looking for something to read?

There is a small shelving unit where we keep paperbacks inside the lower level of the building near the entrance to the locker rooms.   It’s an honor system - feel free to take one, read it and replace it, or drop some off if you are looking to get rid of some newer paperbacks.  While you’re at it, take a look at some of our swim team and pool records on the nearby wall.

Is internet access available?

Yes, we have WiFi. Feel free to bring your laptop or other device to use on the deck or elsewhere.  Our advice, however, is to keep it out of the pool. Experience has shown things don’t work the same after getting wet.

May I bring guests and / or host a party?

Club members may bring guests provided they adhere to the limits outlined in the bylaws and register guests with the front desk.  Special houseguest privileges are available upon approval by the club manager as outlined in the bylaws. All guest fees are payable at the front desk at the time of guest admittance. As with other guests, we need the name and emergency contact number for each non-adult guest.

The front desk should be consulted in party planning too, as we would like to avoid having multiple larger parties on the same day. The club does not reserve picnic tables or private pool time for parties so please plan to come early to reserve a table or two with a tablecloth/cooler/etc.  Party guest fees are similar to daily guest fees and are also payable at the front desk.  The Inviting Member is responsible for the conduct of all guests as well as payment of all charges on or before the day of the party.

Is there a lost and found?

Our lost and found is located inside the doors on the lower level.  Anything that is left behind on the pool deck or clubhouse (i.e., towels, goggles, toys, etc) will be placed there.  Periodically, when the shelves are full, we have a member who picks thing up, washes them and takes them to a local charity as a donation.  If something of value is left behind (i.e., cell phone, keys, etc) and turned into the office or snack bar, they will be held in the office until claimed by the owner.  Hint: If towels/toys/etc, are labeled with the family name, they can be returned much faster!

I’m Hungry!

If all this has given you the munchies, check out our snack bar for lots of great treats!

May I have a general idea of how the club works?

The club is owned by the members. The Board of Directors, a voluntary role, is elected by the members to represent the general membership and coordinate club operations. The club managers are hired to manage the staff and the daily operations of the club during the summer. The staff consists of lifeguards and snack bar staff.

All our general communication is sent via e-mail. Dues notices are sent in February, our newsletters are sent in April and in October.  We publish a club directory for those who would like one, just inquire at the front desk of the club. These are a great source of information about the club, and the website ( often contains updates to that information.

What sort of things can the kids look forward to?

There are swim lessons offered each summer. The sessions are offered four times each season. Sign-ups are organized so children who didn't get into one session get first priority for the next session. The session schedule is provided in the Spring newsletter and the website.

The Woodside Sun Devils Swim Team is a great opportunity for kids to get started with organized swimming.  The season lasts about 6 weeks, from early-June through the end of July. There are 6 dual meets (3 home and 3 away), minimeets, and a couple end-of-season League Meets, based on age groups with our A-Finals showcasing some of the top talent in the State of Michigan.  

The Woodside Sun Devils Tennis Team is another great way for kids to get started playing organized tennis. The season lasts about 6 weeks from mid June to early August. For those who are just starting out, we offer tennis Clinics also.  Check out the Spring newsletter for details on all of these activities.
There are a number of events planned each summer for kids. Family Bingo Nights have been a favorite and this year, we're adding a weekly Family Grill opportunity on Sunday Nights.  We also have our Wednesday Float nights (the only time floatation devices are allowed in the pool).  Check the newsletter, the bulletin boards and the website for details.