Two ways to renew your membership for 2018:

Download and Print Form: Please complete the bottom portion of this form and return it with your payment. The date of payment is determined by the postmark. Dues payments that are made without appropriate late fee will not be accepted. Questions about payments should be directed to

Annual Membership Renewal

Includes late renewal rate of $725 plus 3% online transaction fee.

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Membership Resignations

Sign the back of your Woodside Membership Certificate (if membership is in dual names, both parties must sign) and send to: Woodside Athletic Club, Attention: Membership Director, 31301 Fromm Ct, Bingham Farms, MI 48025. Your resignation will be processed when your endorsed membership certificate is received. If you are unable to find your membership certificate, contact the Membership Director in writing (e-mail is acceptable) prior to April 15, 2018 and an affidavit will be mailed to you. If you intend to resign but fail to notify the Membership Director in writing or via email ( prior to April 15, 2018, you will be considered delinquent and will incur a liability to the Club for the full amount of the current year dues plus late fees. If such indebtedness is not paid by May 1, 2018, all indebtedness will be deducted from your bond, the balance will be remitted to you, and your membership will cease.