2017 Head Coach:  Anne Wind|  2017 Swim Parent Representatives: Marily Fassett and susie Demarco


We are very excited to be your swim reps for the 2017 summer season!  Welcome back to all of our returning Sun Devils, and welcome aboard to the newcomers! If you are new to the club, we hope that you will seriously consider signing your children up for the swim team.  Not only is it a great way to stay busy and fit during the summer, but it’s also a wonderful way for kids and parents alike to get to know fellow Woodsiders.

Our children have made lasting memories as Sun Devils and the swim team is the highlight of our summer!

Marily Fassett and Susie DeMarco
Swim Team Parent Representatives



Dear Parents & Swimmers,

Welcome to the 2017 summer swim season at Woodside Athletic Club! I am so excited to be back for my 7th season with this team as the head coach.  The assistants who will be working with me are fantastic in their energy and knowledge of the sport, and also Woodside’s history.  I’m looking forward to a new season of hard work, lots of fun, and hopefully some victories!


As the head coach, I hope you as parents and swimmers will expect that any decision I make will ALWAYS have the best interest of the swimmers and the team at heart.  This is a summer team, so we will have fun, no mistake about it. However, it is also a competitive team.  We will teach swimmers not only HOW to do the strokes, but also how to be good racers, how to work hard, and how to be good teammates.  Some days and portions of practice will be devoted to working on stroke mechanics.  While other days or portions of practice will be spent learning how to race and teaching the race components like finishes, breathing patterns, and speed work.  Please do not expect that every day we will be tweaking strokes.  We must keep your swimmers well-rounded, which means there needs to be a balance of stroke work, aerobic work, and speed/race work to help them improve in their meet performances.


I value all swimmers at all ability levels.  I realize that summer swimmers may not have a depth of experience in the sport, and many are learning how to swim competitively for the first time.  In order to spend quality time with athletes at all levels, my coaching staff rotates the lanes in which we work on a daily basis.  This means, if I work with lanes 1 and 2 on Monday, I rotate to lanes 3 and 4 on Tuesday, and so on.  Therefore, over the course of every week, myself and/or any one coach will see and work with your swimmer at least once, if not a few times.  This maintains good balance amongst the staff and the swimmers, leading to all swimmers getting to see and build rapport with not just certain coaches, but all coaches.


Keep in mind that I absolutely love a heavy amount of involvement and support from the parents.  This team could not run without your help, NO DOUBT ABOUT IT.  However, please let the coaches do the coaching.  I promise that we will be attentive to your children while they are in the water.  Please let us be the ones to critique and correct your child.  I can assure you that things will run smoother and your child will be happiest if there is a defined line between their coaches, offering instruction, and their parents, offering support and cheers!  You may notice, that at practice I make it quite clear that I am there to help and give attention to your swimmers.  Practice time is your child's time with me and my coaches.  If you have any concerns or questions for me, it is not that I don't want to hear them, it is simply that I don't want to hear them during my valuable time with your child.  I take the time I have with swimmers on the pool deck very seriously - they come first.  The very BEST thing to do if you have a question for me or want to have a conversation, is to shoot me an email (awind4104@gmail.com).  Then I can seek you out in person at a time I'm not with the swimmers, or I can give you a call and we can chat over the phone. I promise to try my best to get back to you within 24 hours.  Thank you so much for your cooperation.

I also strongly encourage all parents (veterans and newbies) to come to the Informational Meet and Mingle Night (Thursday June 1st)!  That's a great time to see me in a more casual setting, ask me questions, and see the more approachable side of me :-)

On behalf of my assistants, thank you for letting us serve as your coaches.  You make it possible for us to spend our summer doing what we love!  I am ready for a fun and successful 2017 season.

Go Sun Devils!       
-Coach Anne

A successful swim season can only happen when all team parents contribute their time and talents to the children on the team.  Volunteers are needed to organize and help at all the special events and activities listed in this booklet. In addition, we need parents to coordinate and run vital functions during our meets.  A team as large as ours, with many young swimmers, requires a huge volunteer effort, especially during the meet itself.  One area in particular that is especially labor intensive is marshaling.  (For new parents, “marshaling” is placing the kids in the correct order for the correct events.  Marshaling is done only for the swimmers 10 years old and under.)  Because we have so many parents whose children benefit from marshaling, we are assigning every parent of a marshaled swimmer to work the marshaling area once or twice during the season.  Don’t worry if you didn’t sign up at registration – we’ll find you! This schedule would require approximately a one to two hour time commitment.  Thank you in advance for your understanding and willingness to serve.

For all parents, we need new parents to volunteer to chair and organize certain areas that have previously been handled by parents who no longer have children on the team, or who would like to work in a different area.

Please consider taking on a new and more involved role on the team and help to fill some of these spots.  This in an excellent opportunity to meet and work with friends and neighbors while contributing to the success of our team and having a great time in the process.


To become a swim team member of the Woodside Athletic Club “Sun Devils”, children must be able to swim a single length of our 25-meter pool unassisted. It is for the safety of our younger swimmers that we are most concerned.   A swimmer may join our team up until June 8, 2017.

It is important for our swimmers to register as soon as possible.   No un-rostered swimmer is permitted to swim in a meet. A swimmer’s age as of May 30th determines his/her age-group placement for the summer.

2017 DUES
$120 for one swimmer
$205 for two swimmers
$250 for three plus swimmers

Dues help cover our team expenses, such as membership in the NSSL, coaches’ salaries, A and B Finals, ribbons/awards, post-meet events and most other social activities.

Our team suit helps build the Sun Devil team spirit as well as enable our coaches to identify all of the Woodside swimmers during a meet.  We ask that each swimmer purchase a team suit. Team suits can be purchased or ordered from Different Strokes.

After each swim meet a Sun Devil newsletter will be posted downstairs by the swim team bulletin board, distributed via email, and posted online at www.woodsideac.com.  Please be sure to take the time to read it every week.  Each newsletter will contain information you will need to know for the upcoming week, as well as planning information for the weeks ahead.  Communication between swimmers, coaches and parents is essential to the success of our program.

Swimmers must come to practices and meets, physically and mentally prepared to train and compete to the best of their abilities.  Proper attitude is a key ingredient to successful participation.  Swimmers should be ready to go – with swimsuits on – ten minutes prior to their scheduled practice or warm-up time.

Team members are required to attend all practices... and please... try to be unobtrusive on deck during practice. Performances in competition reflect the effort put forth during our practices. Our coaches ask that the swimmers let them know in advance about any practices they might be missing due to any conflicts they might have.

It is essential that all swimmers sign-out of any dual meets or championship meets they will not be able to attend. Sign-out sheets for the entire season will be posted the first week of practice and removed four days before the meet takes place. This gives our swimmers ample time to sign-out and our coaches enough time to organize and plan an effective line-up. It cannot be stressed enough that swimmers and families must show the courtesy of removing themselves from a meet they are not planning on attending. If your swimmer becomes ill on the day of a meet, please inform the coaches.

Mini-meets are age group meets attended by all teams in the league. The events are limited to same-age swimmers, which provides a greater opportunity for success.  Pre-Team swimmers will not participate in mini-meets.  The meets are optional, but our coaches highly encourage attendance. Times achieved at mini-meets can be used as seed times in all other meets, including A and B Finals.

The Sun Devils host social events following each of their three home meets; a pizza party, an ice cream party, and a pizza/DJ party.  This is an opportunity for our team to celebrate together as well as socialize with other teams. All swimmers and their families are invited to remain after our home meets and share in the fun. We rely on parental support to make these social events a success.  The calendar of social events is posted on our website – www.woodsideac.com

The Sun Devils have a concession stand at all home swim meets. We need everyone's participation throughout the summer to make this project a success. Proceeds from our concessions support team expenses not covered by our dues. Concessions are an important revenue generator for our team and the best way for us to keep our registration fees reasonable. Every family is asked to donate a 12 pack beverage as well as baked goods, veggies, fruit, etc. at each home meet.   Please watch the swim team board for concessions sign-up sheets prior to our home meets.  Thank you in advance for your willing participation and for understanding that no one should enter a meet empty-handed!

Every Woodside swimmer, with the exception of Pre-Team swimmers, has the opportunity to swim in a league finals meet at the end of the season. There are two meets – “A” and “B” Finals.  Swimmers must qualify for A Finals by having one of the two fastest times in his/her age group in a particular event. Swimmers can only swim in two individual events, so it’s quite possible that a swimmer with the third or even fourth fastest time in an event might also qualify if the swimmers above him/her are already entered in their maximum number of events.  Coach Weaver will post a “Top Times” list to keep swimmers apprised of their standing.  Don’t leave town without checking to make sure your swimmer is not an A Finals swimmer!! At A Finals, Woodside will compete against the twelve other teams in the league for the league championship.  Our points standing at the end of the meet determines our meet schedule for the following year as well as significant bragging rights.

Swimmers who don’t qualify for A Finals swim in B Finals. Swimmers may choose their events. Like A Finals, swimmers taper for this meet in the hopes of achieving their personal best times.

Coach Anne wants each swimmer to participate in either A or B Finals.  This is your child's opportunity to celebrate his/her swim season!

DUAL SWIM MEETS (Schedule posted on the website)
All Sun Devil swim team members swim in every dual meet, with the exception of Pre-Team swimmers. Coach Anne will inform swimmers the morning of the meet which events they will be swimming. Swimmers who are not entered in regular events will swim in exhibition heats during the meet. A great deal of work is involved in preparing a line-up for a team our size. It is imperative you sign-out of a meet on the appropriate sheet on the bulletin board if you do not plan on attending. Every swimmer has a responsibility to our team and this includes informing the coaches when you will be unable to attend a meet, or stay until the conclusion of the meet - regardless of whether you are swimming regular events or exhibition events. Missing just one swimmer on the afternoon of the meet causes a great deal of confusion and stress. If your swimmer becomes ill on the day of the meet, please inform the Coach Anne.

All Sun Devil swim team members are expected to attend all practices.  Please let the coaches know in advance of any absences you may be expecting.  The general guidelines for practice during inclement weather are:

Practice: Thunderstorm watch. Rain. Temperatures above 45 degrees.
No Practice: Thunderstorms or lightning. Temperatures below 45 degrees.  If in doubt, assume we will be practicing.  The weather changes very frequently and swimmers may just have to stand under the pavilion a short time.