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Upcoming Events



Feels like we were just celebrating our successful 2016 Season! Hard to believe we are about to start it all over again. We are excited to get back on the pool deck and get started on a new season, full of fun and making more great Woodside memories!

As you all know, the swim season is a whirlwind of emails and lots of information to absorb, so communication is the key to keeping things running smoothly. Please make sure the email address you list on your registration form is current and is checked often for updates! Of course, if you have any questions, concerns or ideas, don't hesitate to email us at or look for us poolside!

We look forward to seeing all of you at our Swim Team Registration on Sunday, April 23th from 4 to 6 pm in the clubhouse.

Marily Fassett & Susie DeMarco
Swim Team Parent Representatives

Important Upcoming Dates:

Pre-summer Swim Team practice - May 30th thru June 15th (afternoon/evenings)

In Season Swim Team Practice - begins June 19th (morning schedule)

Time Trials and Bagel Opener - June 10th

Meet and Mingle with Coach Anne - Thursday, June 1st

8 and under mini-meet (we host -everyone volunteers) - June 17th

February 26, 2017:

Dear Swim Team Parents,

Well now that the Woodside dues request has gone out, I guess we need to start thinking Spring which mean planning for our AWESOME swim team fun!  Here are the dates for our NSSL dual meets and Championship meets so you can start planning your family summer calendar - always my favorite :)!

Dual Meets:

June 22nd - Cranbrook at Woodside

June 26th -  Woodside at Forest Hills

June 29th -  Bloomfield Hills Surf and Tennis at Woodside

July 6th -  Heart of the Hills at Woodside

July 10th - Woodside at Beverly Hills Athletic Club

July 13th - Woodside at Beachwood


Mini Meets:

June 17th - Woodside HOSTS 8 and under mini meet (all hands on deck!)

June 24th - 11 and up mini meet at Beverly Hills Athletic Club (BHAC)

July 8th - 9/10 mini meet at Forest Glen


Championship Meets:

B Finals - July 22nd at Woodbrook Hills

A Finals - July 29th and 30th at Beachwood


That is it for now.  Start thinking about how you want to volunteer this season.  I will be in touch with more details soon!

With Woodside Pride - see you on the pool deck!

Marily Fassett & Susie DeMarco
Swim Team Representatives


Special Olympics

Our Swim League (NSSL) is supporting the Special Olympics as a charity. We hope you will help us support this worthy cause by making a tax deductible donation when you register your child for the team. Every $5 - $20 donation helps. It’s that easy!

Donate to Special Olympics